The Easy Way to Mobile Web Video

mobile video in hand
Thanks to tomsun for the picture.

There are so many marketing benefits to using video on your website. As more of your visitors start using mobile phones, you'll want to make sure you can deliver video to them as well. This isn't easy: different phones each have their own mobile video quirks and requirements. But there is one very simple step you can take that will ensure your videos can reach a wide range of your prospects on the go.

The solution is simple: Youtube. By hosting your marketing videos on Youtube, then embedding them on your site, your videos will reach a wide mobile audience, with just a very modest amount of effort.

This situation has arisen because of Youtube's tremendous popularity. People love Youtube. And naturally, when they drop a lot of money on a fancy smartphone, they want to be able to watch Youtube videos on it. It's gotten to the point where it can be a deciding factor in their purchase. So naturally, the folks who make smartphones work to make sure their phones support it.

First, a little technical background. You already know that you can upload videos on; anyone visiting that site will then be able to watch it. The magic is that, once the video is there, you can then embed it on the web pages in your site. You have almost certainly run across this in your web browsing, though you may not have recognized it. The video is positioned as a little box in on your company's web page. Your web designer can position and control its appearance pretty much any way you like.

If you set up the videos on your website in this way, all recent iPhone and Android phones will be able to play it just fine. Most Blackberry phones do not yet. But popular demand ensures it's only a matter of time.

Hosting your videos on Youtube provides an extra wonderful bonus, because your marketing suddenly has a whole new dimension for free. Highly qualified prospects browsing on their desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices will find your video - in fact, will be brought to it when searching for terms related to your service.

All it takes is a little thought when you upload the video. Think of which words are descriptive for your service AND which your prospects use (which may not be the same as the jargon you use within your company). Craft a title and video description using these words, and finish by assigning related keyword tags.

Embedding also allows others to promote your material for you. Imagine a blogger or other online writer, whose audience includes people interested in your what your company does. Now they can embed that video in their website as well, giving you some free and highly targeted advertising.