Mobile Web Hosting

What is mobile web hosting, and how does it differ from "regular" web hosting?

Hosting for a mobile website includes everything for normal websites - a place to store the site's files, and deliver them to people's web browsers. However, there are several aspects of mobile web hosting that are unique.

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Device Detection And Routing

When a visitor comes to your website, it is important they see the version that is best for their device. That means they see the mobile website if they are browsing with a handheld device, and they see the desktop website if they are on a large-screen laptop or workstation. This ensures your prospect has the best possible impression of your company.

Mobile web hosting handles this for you. Your web server is set up to quickly detect whether a visitor is using a handheld, or a large-screen computer. If it's a handheld, they are automatically and immediately sent to the mobile website.

Content Adaptation

There are thousands of different internet-capable phone models in consumers' hands today. Each has their own unique features, benefits, and quirks. And no two models are exactly the same.

In other words, a website that works well on one mobile phone doesn't necessarily work so great on a different one. To ensure the best experience, your mobile website may need to tailor itself to the device. This is "content adaptation". It just means that the content of the web page is changed to best suite the device used by your prospect.

Mobile web hosting includes content adaptation as an option. The more your business benefits from its mobile website, the more important this is.