Complete Mobile Web Brand Package

US trademark, fourteen related domain names, social media accounts, and more for the name “Mobile Web Up” – comprehensive package.

Hi, I’m Aaron Maxwell, founder of Mobile Web Up. This start-up was in business from 2009 before I suspended new sales in late 2013, after its experimental business model proved unsuccessful.

Now I am selling all branding intellectual property for Mobile Web Up. This includes the domain name, of course, but also includes:


The US service mark was filed on 1/23/2012, granted (registered) on 9/18/2012. Full USPTO Records.

Complete Domain List

Transferrable Social Media Accounts

Named accounts with other online services (Github, Slideshare) also available on request.

SEO considerations enjoys links from high quality websites, including: always followed excellent on-site SEO practices, including use of canonical URLs, appropriate nofollow links, rapid page speed loading, and quality custom content. Visit current full site. Note that nearly all URLs are still live with the original content.

In August 2010, I followed an SEO consultant's recommendation, and hired him to write and publish articles linking to After seeing the first batch consisted of a large number of articles, of surprising low quality, I immediately terminated the contract. However, damage had been done; the consultant had started an article "spinning" and automated publication process, which continued long after I terminated our contract. In March 2012, Google informed me they had detected "an unnatural link pattern" (presumably as part of their Penguin algorithm update). Over the next few months, I was able to get links on most of the domains removed by appealing to individual website owners. Most of the remainder have since either gone offline of their own accord, or were disavowed by me when Google Webmaster Tools introduced their disavow tool. There are likely lingering low quality links, but for the most part I believe the damage has been corrected.

List of inbound links to (Zipped CSV). Obtained From Google Webmaster Tools, July 2014. While this is the latest information available from Google itself, it may not be complete or up-to-date.

The Offer

This is on offer as one complete package. It is appropriate for startups which have received significant investor capital; or more established companies wishing to rebrand, or start a newly named division.

The company Mobile Web Up continues to receive recurring revenue from existing customers, so the trademark is currently in use in commerce. Upon sale, I will continue servicing those clients under a different business name. This enables full transfer of name and goodwill.

To inquire, contact Aaron Maxwell. Send email to or call 415-218-8038.